What Is Strategystix, LLC?

With 15 years of experience in fund-raising for non-profit organizations (NPOs),6 years focused on capital campaigns, Dan Adkins realized the overwhelming need for a concerted preparation effort to maximize funding and formed Strategystix, LLC (Strategystix). He developed a process to maximize fund-raising efforts, dramatically increasing annual budgets and boosting engagement of both volunteers and passionate, not passive, investors.


Strategystix Prepares Your Organization to Increase Funding in All Areas and with Focus on Long-Term Funding through Capital Campaigns


strategystix-home-reducedService Areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Campaign Preparation
  • Organization Assessment (Marketing and Operations)
  • Staff Development
  • Board Development
  • Volunteer Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching

Focus Areas:

  • Career Transition
  • Arts
  • Economic Development
  • Downtown Improvement and Revitalization
  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Faith-Based Communities

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Always Managed to Create Win-Win Situations

“Dan is one of the most personable people you’ll ever meet. He worked so well with all of the departments and was always open to suggestions and found ways to incorporate last minute changes seamlessly.

“Dan led his department, overcoming challenging time constraints and limited resources and using his creative talents to create positive results. Dan always managed to create win-win situations and put a smile on everyone’s face.”

Annie Hoffman Goodrich

Media/Broadcast Trainer / Communications and Media Strategist / Media and Client Relations - New York, New York

Tenacious in His Work and a Real Mover and Shaker

“Dan is a great listener – and knows that you need to get the story first and understand where you’ve been and where you are – before you can assess where you want to go. He is extraordinarily creative – and able to assemble teams of experts/’creatives’ with diverse skill sets and produce/orchestrate amazing outcomes. His friendly demeanor makes him easy to work with – and is in someways deceptive – he is tenacious in his work and a real mover and shaker – able to harness a team, plan and implement a program, and complete a project in a very quick time frame. He is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him highly as either an outside consultant or leader of an internal team in any organization interested in upping their profile in a target market.”

Barbara Garlock

Non-Profit Consultant - Washington, D.C.

Multi-Talented and Multifaceted

“I have known Dan Adkins for many years and have never met another quality professional who displays the same amount of sincere empathy as Mr. Adkins. Over the years Dan has been my coach, mentor, and friend.

“During an initial development of a political career, Dan served as my personal coach crafting my presentation and encouraging my speaking acumen enabling me to fearlessly enter a competitive arena.

“Mentoring me through a dynamic transition, Dan provided insight into the field of fundraising for non-profits, which established the foundation of a successful career development.

“Through it all, Dan has remained one of my closest friends. I would highly recommend Dan Adkins for any assignment and in any capacity. Dan is a multi-talented and multifaceted personal coach and professional mentor.”

Gary Lightfoot

Lightfoot Independent - Buford, GA

I’m So Very Lucky to Have You in My Life!

“That’s what I texted Dan after a phone coaching session. I continued, ‘You gave me things to think about and I could hear your voice telling me to address the key points. You gave me great support and that means a lot! Not very many people like that. Your advice is always sound!’ I concluded with, ‘You are genius!’ That’s what I felt as my coaching was paying off in real time and that’s how I feel today. Dan has helped my business, my foundation and me through numerous challenges and I have gained confidence and solved problems with his input. His coaching has been invaluable!”

Julie Blacksten

Do It For Dance Foundation / Classical Ballet Academy - Norman, OK

The Perfect Person To Help Your Organization

“Working with Dan, I found that his abilities to communicate were excellent. His strategic approach and positive presentation for each meeting helped our investors understand the importance of our efforts and motivated our volunteers. He focused on communicating from their point of view. Dan was able to explain the benefit that they were looking to hear, rather than just coming from a ‘sales’ platform. He had instant rapport in so many cases and built lasting relationships. He’s the perfect person to help your organization prepare for additional funding. Our success happened through preparation, leadership and hard work. Dan’s abilities to communicate, organize and motivate made all of that actionable!”

Mike Collins

Mississippi Power, Hattiesburg, MS - Campaign General Chair, Competitive Edge Campaign