danAfter 15 years of experience in fund-raising for non-profit organizations (NPOs), 6 years focused on capital campaigns, Dan Adkins realized the overwhelming need for concerted preparation to maximize funding and formed Strategystix, LLC (Strategystix). He developed a process to maximize fund-raising efforts, dramatically increasing annual budgets and boosting engagement of both volunteers and passionate, not passive, investors.

Dan is many things – a fund-raiser, a marketer, a salesman, a musician, an actor, a producer, a composer, a costume supervisor and a guy who thinks differently. With an MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, Dan worked for a Fortune 200 corporation before becoming an actor on the soap opera Another World and a costumer on Broadway and at Saturday Night Live. Sounds confusing, doesn’t it?

Dan has pursued his dreams, his passions and his happiness and continues to do so today by serving non-profit organizations to greater budgets and achievement of compelling goals. As a professional fund-raiser, Dan served organizations and communities throughout the country and helped them to raise millions of dollars. He has served foundations, women’s shelters, family cooperatives, economic development, downtown revitalization and organizations of faith. From fund-raising to marketing and public relations, Dan has worked to give organizations a better platform to accomplish their missions through greater funding.

The opportunity to encourage and serve others is the gift that has encouraged and helped him. His ideas are often creative. His efforts are always toward improvement and better circumstances for all. His knowledge is used to further your organization. His stories are fun and funny. His passion permeates and he is committed to helping organizations maximize their funding, achieve their goals and accomplish their missions!