We Empower You to Fully Realize Your Mission by Preparing You to Maximize Your Funding

dan-adkins-coachingWhat We Do:

  • Guide your organization to engage the private and public sectors•Increase funding in all areas
  • Prepare for capital campaigns that can double your current funding
  • Achieve long-term success
  • Ensure effective leadership
  • Develop sound strategies
  • Engage target communities.

Ultimately – Empower organizations to fully realize their missions

Service areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Campaign Preparation
  • Organization Assessment (Marketing and Operations)
  • Staff Development
  • Board Development
  • Volunteer Leadership Development
  • Executive Coaching

Focus areas:

  • Military and Civilian Career Transition
  • Arts
  • Economic Development
  • Downtown Improvement and Revitalization
  • Education
  • Health and Human Services
  • Faith-Based Communities

Real Case Study:

strategystix comparison chartThe Prepared Organization

In 2010, (terrible economic times) Dan Adkins guided efforts to raise more money through a capital campaign than had ever been raised. In the 2015 capital campaign, again, Dan facilitated exceeding the goal – a 50% increase over the previous goal – breaking their 2010 record by $700,000. Due to preparation and participation, the budget increased over $700,000 in 2010 and an additional $700,000 in 2015.

A total increase in real budget dollars over 2 campaigns of $1,400,000.

The Unprepared Organization

Decided to raise money internally and failed. The organization hired Dan who, because of the failed internal attempt, started the campaign already $250,000 down from the previous campaign. Despite guidance by the fund-raising team, they never came close to the proposed $2 million goal.

Lack of preparation cost them well over ($1,500,000).

How We Do It:


Business People Cooperation Coworker Team Concept

Strategic Plans

Establish clear, accountable goals and concise steps to accomplish and communicate them.

  • Enlist Board members, staff and other stakeholders in the process of developing an overall strategic plan.
  • Develop strategic, measurable goals to guide all stakeholders in the organization’s growth and development over a 5-year period.
  • Communicate your mission, purpose, goals and strategy to ensure those goals are all clearly and concisely communicated.
  • Develop a communication strategy to inform all participants of the strategy and its goals.
  • Create an action plan that will lead to accomplishing your goals.

Preparation to Accelerate Campaign Solicitation (PAX)

Pre-planning to adeptly prepare to accelerate your campaign into solicitation mode.


  • Combines synergistic efforts of your staff, board and engaged leaders to expand support within your target community before you launch a campaign.
  • Propel the initial solicitation phase of the campaign.
  • Accelerate and exponentially increase opportunities to achieve and surpass your financial and engagement goals and best continue your mission.

Organization Assessments

Assess all marketing (digital and traditional) and operational processes of the organization.

  • Analyze your organization’s fundraising strategy to identify effectiveness, under-utilized possibilities and unrealized opportunities.
  • Tweak marketing and operational efforts as needed to make a huge difference in the success of your fund-raising.
  • Review digital marketing trends and create strategies for outreach to your target community to more fully engage your target community in a cost-effective and faster way.
  • Identify gaps in communication with staff, board, investors and volunteers and create solid strategies to eliminate those gaps.
  • Streamline processes to improve results and speed of the organization.

Staff Training

There is no substitute for a well-trained, well-informed and fully engaged staff in every aspect of your organization. Staff is your group of ambassadors to the local and extended community and act as your most important engagement factor.

  • Staff development for individual and team effectiveness, based on your development program’s particular needs.
  • Focus on best practices to engage board and volunteer leadership and enlist additional community support.

Board Training

Every board has different challenges and different ideas. Great boards have leaders from across industry who come with complimentary skills and an understanding of the best governance.

  • Clarifying Board member responsibilities and commitments (terms of service, rotation, committee responsibilities, governance, financial expectations).
  • Identifying and developing strategies to recruit prospective Board members.
  • Facilitates sessions to best equip boards with skills and knowledge needed to conquer challenges.
  • Maximizes board participation, engagement and effectiveness through clarity of responsibilities and organizational goals.

Volunteer (Non-Board) Engagement

Volunteer participation is the added boost to all efforts encountered by your organization. Their passion and engagement is crucial to your fund-raising and your continued great reputation in the community.

  • Based on the organization's current make up and interactions, create strategies to develop the most effective framework to:
  1. Engage volunteers
  2. Extend volunteerism beyond your current base
  3. Communicate in the best manner
  4. Inspire your volunteer leadership
  5. Create further engagement.

Executive Coaching and Training

Many Executive Directors and CEOs begin their non-profit careers as teachers, social workers, artists or pastors. As they rise to positions of leadership, their authority extends to a vast array of new responsibilities, which include financial management, human resources, operational processes, Board relations, strategic planning and implementation and fund-raising among others. Any and all of these can be daunting, especially if the leader is unfamiliar with having these obligations.

  • Conduct a personality profile to determine strengths and weaknesses.
  • In tandem, assess all processes and focus on challenges to strengthen areas of lesser understanding.
  • Establish clear strategies and goals in all areas of