Okay. Strategystix sounds so…..businessy. We admit it! And P+S+A= E ™ sounds like a formula….and, in a way, it is. But with Dan Adkins you get added bonuses:

Dynamic and impassioned? …… Yes

Funny? ……….. No question

Entertaining? ………. Consistently

Movie and television stories? …… Absolutely

Relevant, useful information? ……. Incredibly

Insightful? …… Particularly

If you’re looking for meaningful content that creates actionable results and no snoring in the audience, Dan delivers!

His presentations are high energy, with stories that make a point in a memorable way, packed with valuable material to help organizations thrive. Imagine your audience going back stage at Studio 8H to Saturday Night Live…. all to illustrate a fund-raising principle. Laughter presides, but not just for entertainment’s sake, but to spotlight strategies and equip the audience with tools that are functional and actionable. The total focus is “raise more money to enable you to achieve your mission!”


Keynote Topics


(How to Positively Engage, NoPushiness)

Results and Benefits for Your Organization

  • Three legs of consistent Engagement
  • The simplest way to use qualities that you already have to engage outside volunteers and funding sources
  • Synergies that dramatically engage outsiders
  • Equipping the organization to engage target community leaders
  • Set significant goals of engagement
  • Take full ownership of each role in the organization

Preparation Determines Destiny– Ask Al Pacino

(Empowering Your Organization to Succeed with fund-raising efforts and a Capital Campaign)

Results and Benefits for Your Organization

  • First steps in looking at conducting a capital campaign
  • Are we in a position to conduct a capital campaign?
  • The engagement needed to succeed with a capital campaign
  • The commitment of a capital campaign
  • Laying the groundwork for success with specific tasks for improvement
  • Set significant goals of achievement

Creating and Building Your Team

(Personalities and How Best to Communicate with Them and Match Them with Responsibilities)

Results and Benefits for Your Organization

  • Discovering personalities using the DISC personality profile assessment
  • Realizing an optimal way to interact with the 4 personality types represented by DISC
  • Understanding how to interact with those outside the organization without giving them a profile test

Every program is personalized to serve the client’s goals and desired outcomes.

You can expect:

  • A professional who is there to serve you in the best ways that he can
  • Interactive, high-energy presentations filled with story-based learning and actionable content
  • Audience members smiling, laughing and being entertained as well as being inspired to take action
  • Participants who walk away equipped with tools that can be implemented immediately to develop and further their funding environment

Your Group Will Experience:

  • Laughter at stories from Saturday Night Live and behind-the-scenes of popular films
  • Be immersed and engaged throughout the experience, stories and visuals
  • Gain a sense of empowerment
  • Receive an inspiring reminder that what they do matters beyond their community
  • Be challenged to be leaders in their target communities and fully engage
  • Be equipped with tools to succeed in fund-raising efforts


conference meetingCreate Ambassadors

The P+S+A=E™ philosophy can be employed by non-profit organizations, businesses of all sizes and in individual endeavors. In the non-profit world, it creates active volunteers and investors who will be an organization’s best ambassadors to additional engagement. This workshop equips participants to create an organization’s best advocates!

  • Theme: Creating Volunteers and Investors
  • Objective: Empower participants to utilize skills to motivate active participation from outside of the organization and understand the importance of the P+S+A=E™ philosophy.

Information isn’t power. Shared information is power….and powerful!

Too often information is not imparted to those around us. For an organization to run in the most seamless and optimal way, the board and the staff should participate in and must have an understanding of ideas, actions and results of the organization. It’s also imperative for volunteers and investors to grasp the tangible goals and celebrate positive results of action.

  • Theme: Better Communication
  • Objective: Create a better communication within an organization, which facilitates better communication to those outside of the organization

Identify, Interact and Inspire Different Personality Types

Many efforts for engagement fail because of a disconnect between personalities. This disconnect can be easily adjusted and reconnected when you have an understanding of an individual’s personality make-up and serve them according to their point-of-view. This is not about manipulative tactics, but a strategic way to genuinely connect with a potential advocate for your organization.

  • Theme: People
  • Objective: Strategies to inspire others by understanding the best way to interact and engage them